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Formerly an economics teacher and education policy officer, Faith found Pilates through diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal muscles) after childbirth. She suffered from severe diastasis recti of 4 fingers after having her first child, and her condition was unknowingly aggravated by incorrect exercises pre and post-natal. At the encouragement of her husband, Faith started seeing a physiotherapist, who introduced her to Pilates. Practising Pilates has been life changing for Faith, who regained her core overtime and could move in any way she wants, pain-free. She had since made it her personal mission to educate mothers and mothers-to-be on safe exercises during and after pregnancy, to help those in pain to heal, and to spread the love of Pilates through her teaching.
With a teaching style that emphasises precision and being fluent in both English and Mandarin, she has helped many clients from teens to elderly to build core strength, regain better posture, develop awareness of proper biomechanics in daily lives, and move more confidently. An educator at heart, she also loves sharing her knowledge about Pilates with her clients, so they walk out of the studio not only feeling physically stronger, but also mentally enriched.
Faith is also an artist and has showcased and auctioned her artworks at private and public events. Click here to view her artworks.


Pilates Academy International

  • Anatomy, Bio-mechanics and Postural Analysis

  • All Populations Mat, Beginner and Intermediate

  • All Populations Reformer, Beginner and Intermediate

  • All Populations Chair, Cadillac, and Barrel, Beginner and Intermediate

  • Pre and Post-Natal Population Training

  • Pre and Post Rehabilitation Training

  • Golden Pilates for Elderly Population Training

  • Foam Roller Level 1 Workshop

  • Programming for All Populations Training

Jungle Sport

  • Suspension Training

Yale University

  • MA International and Development Economics

London School of Economics and Political Science

  • BSc Economics

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